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One must have the humility to accept the Will of G-d beyond question and beyond rational understanding. It is the letter tav, the letter of humility, that allows the individual to ongoing embrace the love of G-d and Torah which all too easily can be left behind through human ego and arrogance.
Because it is the last letter and thus the culmination of the alef-beit, the tav represents someone who is perfect on the levels of thought, speech and action. However, the condition of being “perfect” can also result in arrogance. Therefore, the yud in the lower left-hand corner completes the tav to lend it humility. When a person knows he is perfect and that he has ended his service by fulfilling his destiny, he must arrive at the yud of humility.
When Abraham was ninety-nine years old and essentially perfect, G-d told him to circumcise himself. G-d said, if you will circumcise yourself, then you will be perfect. Why? Because one can only be perfect when one circumcises his ego and does not see perfection in himself any more.
The Talmud states that the letter tav represents the word EMET, truth. The reason emet is represented by its last letter and not by the first (ALEF) is that the essence of truth is determined at the end of a journey or passage, not at the beginning. Only upon seeing the outcome do we appreciate that the path of emet was the only way to travel.
The letter tav represents humankind’s ultimate destination, the culmination of our Divine service to perfect the world. And this truth will be unveiled in the final stages on the coming of Mashiaj.
Form: the design of the tav is a dalet and a nun.
These two letters spell out the name of Dan, one of the Tribes of Israel. In the dessert, the twelve tribes of Israel were divided into four camps. When the camps set out to travel, the camp of Dan was the last to proceed. If any of the other Tribes left something behind, the Tribe of Dan would collect and return it.
Numerical value: 400



Number four hundred represents: four hundred shekels paid Abraham to Ephron for the land to bury Sarah. The Land of Israel, according to the dimensions in the Torah, measures 400 by 400 mil ( a mil is approximately one kilometer). G-d told Abraham that his children would reside in a foreign land for four hundred years and afterwards go out with great wealth and outstretched arm.
Finally, the numerical value of tav can represent both the four hundred levels of evil and the four hundred sparks of G-dliness that are found in the world. The tav thus embodies the ability to transform these negative energies into positive sparks.