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Fei (final)

A mouth is something we use to speak, and the entire purpose of speaking is to communicate with another individual. Speech has tremendous power. A king rules with his words. An ordinary person also has great power for with his words he can raise a person to great heights, and with a bit of gossip he can destroy a person’s reputation.
The Jew has the ability and responsibility to complete G-d’s Creation, to go beyond what he believes possible and make the world whole. We accomplish this by widening our mouths. HE gives a Jew the ability to go beyond his personal physical limits and even beyond nature. We complete the world using the mouths to praise G-d, learn Torah, pray, and communicate positive messages to others. In this way, we fulfill our purpose in coming to this world.
“Blessed is He who spoke and the world came into being”
Contact at the level of the mouth is the secret of the ORAL TORAH.
The mouth of G-d reveals the Torah through the mouth of Moses.
Form: a mouth containing a tooth.
Numerical value: 80
Number eighty represents: the age of Moses at the Exodus; the power of the soul to contact Divinity; the discovery of the hidden light in Torah through pronouncing it orally.
Therefore, we can say that eighty denotes strength in leadership and character, “Ayin”, as we said, stands for leadership. When one has been a leader for ten years, he has refined all aspects of leadership skills and can now guide with authority and confidence.