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The name kuf in Hebrew means monkey. A mimic: “monkey see, monkey do”. The letter kuf is also a mimic. It imitates the letter hei. It is the kuf’s extended leg and the resh for its head that create the difference between life (hei) and death.
Thus, on one hand, the kuf represents death and negative thought, speech and action. On the other hand, it invites transformation. Just as the design of the three sided bet embodies a certain tension that is resolved in the four sided mem, so does the foot of the kuf call out to be elevated from its station below the horizon. We all have the ability to transform the irrational to the superrational, thus directing our thought, our speech and our action towards G-d and holiness. Without Torah, there is only poison and doom.
The coming of Mashiach and the subsequent era of resurrection is the ultimate revelation of the great light and energy latently present within the secret of the kuf.
Form: two letters, the resh and the zayin, combine to form the letter kuf. The zayin, to the left, descends below the line while the resh, to the right, hovers above it.
Numerical value: 100.
Number one hundred represents: G-d asks you to recite one hundred blessings daily. One recites the Amidah three times a day, which contains nineteen blessings each for a total of fifty-seven. In the morning prayers, there are an additional twenty-six blessings. Maariv, the evening service, contains four more. Saying the “Grace After Meals” also has four blessings, plus two when we wash our hands and make a blessing on bread. It is thus quite easy to reach one hundred blessings in a day. The kuf, one hundred, represents death. But, if one recites this one hundred blessings daily, one can transform a negative decree into a celebration of life.