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The gimmel symbolizes a rich man running after a poor man, the dalet, to give him charity. Running, more than any physical act, expresses the power of will and freedom of choice. In running, the leg is firmly in contact with the earth; through an act of will, the soul directly affects physical reality. The final reward, the ultimate revelation of God’s Essential Light, will justly be bestowed upon the soul in the very same context of the physical world.


The word gimmel is derived from the word gemul, which in Hebrew means both the giving of reward and the giving of punishment. In Torah, both have the same ultimate aim: the rectification of the soul to merit receiving God’s light to the fullest extent.


The gimmel represents a bridge connecting the material world with the spiritual world.


Numerical value: 3


Three bonds are bounded together: Israel, Torah and God.


Three Fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Three divisions of Jewish souls: Kohanim, Leviim and Israelites.


Form: a vav with a iud as a foot. A person in motion.