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It is the union of three partners in man: father (vav), mother (zain) and G-d (chupah). The marital dance. Embrace of the couple.


A Jewish wedding consists of three circles: the feminine circle. The masculine circle and the Divine circle The chupa ceremony begins with the bride encircling the groom. She walks around her husband-to-be seven times; the groom then encircles her finger with a circle-ring. All of this occurs under a canopy, which represents G-d s .


A circle represents infinity. It is only through marriage that the bride and the groom become infinite, as they are empowered to become G-d-like and create life.


Form: a vav on the right, a zain on the left, with a thin hunchback bridge (chatoteret) connecting them above.


Numerical value: 8


Number eight represents: G-d is one in the seven heavens and the earth; the day of circumcision; the eight days of Chanukah- “The candle of G-d is the soul of man”; Origin of the Jewish soul and its descent through the seven heavens to earth.